vin au domaine joel remy

The domaine Remy was founded in 1853. Today it is managed by JoŽl, representing the fiftieth generation of his family, and his wife, Florence.

After studies at the Lycťe Viticole de Beaune wine-growing college, JoŽl established himself on the domaine in 1988. Since that time, the domain has been developed in numerous ways over the years:

1991 : Acquisition de nouvelles parcelles

1994 : Construction of a cellar for ageing wines and a storage area. Objective: enhancing the quality of our wine maturation in casks. Modernisation of our facilities: sorting table, stainless steel equipment for receiving the grape harvest etc.

1997 : Construction of a vatting house for vinification: concrete vat, temperature control, gravity flow, ergonomic adaptation.

1998 : Installation of air-conditioning equipment in order to regulate the temperature of the musts and of the grape harvest during vinification.

2002 : Purchase of the Maison Paul Chollet, specialised in the production of Crťmants de Bourgogne since 1955, in association with JoŽlís brother, Gilles Remy.

2006 : Investment in new equipment for reception of the grape harvest, winepress, stemmer and vibratory sorting table.

2007 : Recovery and storage of rainwater and pumping water, with a view to respect for the environment. Creation of a biobed for treatment of our pesticide effluent.

2008 : Repair and insulation of premises for storage and labelling.

2010 : Setting up of a new communications strategy for the Domaine. Establishment of new visuals. Investment in a packaging and adhesive labelling line.

4, rue du Paradis
21200 Beaune
Tťl. : (+33) 03 80 26 60 80